You’re just a phone call or a few clicks away from a potentially life-changing event. INN’s Advisor Super Conference is September 27-29, in Dallas, and you’ll want to be there.

Our own Karlan Tucker takes the stage Thursday, September 28 to tell the story of how he went from failure to $500k in weekly FIA and managed money sales. His presentation will be high-energy and value-packed. From his failed attempts and what doesn’t work to his (now) highly-refined interview process that reveals what your clients need help with now and gets them eager to say, “YES,” Karlan won’t hold anything back.

The day before the conference, Wednesday, September 27, Karlan and our senior staff will host a pre-conference workshop pulling back the curtain even further on his uber-successful practice. This presentation won’t be another boring product presentation or clichéd sales tactics—it will be full of actionable advice designed to take your practice to the next level.

Advisors from coast to coast have benefited from Karlan’s leadership and advice for decades, and many have written or called to tell us how their lives, financial and otherwise, have been impacted by him. So it’s difficult to put a dollar value on an event like this.

But what does it cost you? For qualified advisors, surprisingly little. We’ll comp your airfare. We’ll buy your first night at a nice hotel. We’ll even cover most of your registration fee for the conference!

Why would we pay for all of that? We’ve found that about 80% of those who hear Karlan and engage with our staff ultimately decide to join us, so it’s worth it to us to get you here. But whether you join us or not, you’ll leave a better advisor, with fresh energy and new ideas.

To find out if you qualify, call a senior practice advisor at 1.800.734.0076 or fill out the form below.

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