Webinar: How to Sell FIAs in a Rising Market

Your prospects know they should be invested in the market for the long-term, but many of them don’t know there’s a better way! Fill out the form to the right to hear Karlan give you sales tips and advice on how to sell in a bull market. Why wouldn’t clients take advantage of REAL gains that they don’t have to give back? Register now and learn how to capture your client’s gains and NEVER give them back to the market.


Karlan Tucker, CEO

Building his business from the ground up, Karlan turned his thriving personal practice into one of the most successful field marketing organizations in the industry. Throughout his career of over 30 years, Karlan has personally sold more than $100 million in Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, and Indexed Annuities. He has met with thousands of Baby Boomers and attracted high-profile clients that include Professor David Babbel, Marshall Goldsmith and Brian Tracy.