Have you ever noticed the variety of people who work on the showroom sales floor of a car dealership? There’s usually someone for everyone! You see the well-groomed businessman, the girl-next-door-type, the no-nonsense lady who’s been around forever, the cowboy, and the beach bum who can high-five and hang-ten with the best of ‘em. This is just good marketing – different people respond to, well, different types of people and approaches.

In an independent sales practice, you need to inject as much variety as possible – not in personal manners necessarily, but in the mechanics of the business. For instance, I really like to do a bi-monthly generic email blast to my entire file of contacts. This email is nothing too heavy – just a “touch” email that has at least one substantial idea for their consideration. It is usually about a paragraph long, at the most, and I consistently get significant replies from these spontaneous blasts. Sometimes, they even yield fresh appointments and sales, and they are definitely worth the twenty-minute investment.

However, as you already know, not everyone likes to communicate via email – especially the people who don’t own a computer! So, if you are relegated to use just the phone with a certain segment of your prospects, then be prepared to use it well.

Always be prepared to leave a voicemail that will stand out from the run-of-the-mill variety that people expect to hear everyday. Use a quippy quote or employ a folksy style to pique their curiosity – and hopefully to grab their interest. Before you dial the number, make sure your own mood is upbeat and your voice is energetic. Then, work your own phone number into the recording as early as possible. I always repeat my phone number in succession whenever I give it, and then I give it once again at the end of the message. I also thank them in advance for the courtesy of returning call.

This activity does not take a lot of time, and obviously, it doesn’t cost a lot of money either! This quick marketing exercise reminds all of your prospects and clients that you are still here, and that you are still thinking about them.

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