Fact: Financial seminars are profitable.

There is simply no way to deny this. Our firm has been holding seminars on a variety of topics in the same general area for the past 15 years. Even after all this time, we still consistently write millions of dollars of business off of these seminars. The new business more than offsets our cost and brings in a handsome profit. Recently, I attended a conference of a large, well-known carrier who had their top ten producers participate in a round table discussion. When asked how many of those agents did seminars on a regular basis, ten out of ten hands went up. If this is the case, why isn’t every advisor doing seminars all of the time?
Off the top of my head, I can probably list a dozen reasons why agents don’t hold seminars. I believe the chief reasons advisors don’t hold seminars are cost, effectiveness, advisor inexperience and fear. The good news is the topic of Social Security has been a game-changer for how seminars are conducted. Some of the biggest reasons that keep advisors from doing seminars have now been eliminated.


Traditional seminars are more expensive, and there are two factors that contribute to the bulk of the cost: mailers and meals. Most financial seminar invites will pull less than 1% on average, no matter how elaborate the mailer. Many of these invitations can cost around 60 cents. However, the interest in Social Security is so great and the demand for information so high, that less expensive mailers in lower quantity can pull the same results as traditional mailers. This not only saves money on your cost-per mailer price, but it also reduces the number you have to send out to fill a room.

In addition to mailers being less expensive, most of the invitations can draw a crowd without offering a meal. People, typically, want something to drink or snack on at an hour-long presentation, and we have found that cookies, coffee, and water work just fine. This, as opposed to dinner ranging from $40-$80 per person, is a significant decrease in your overall cost.


The materials and the content of the Social Security seminar used by Tucker Advisors is extremely powerful. The HD videos, the flow of the content and the call to action is highly effective. It has been used to close over 80% of prospective clients into appointments on many occasions. In addition to good closing ratios, the seminar also builds a need for the information and the services of the advisor. The client needs to meet to discuss how to draw their Social Security. In the process, they realize that their entire portfolio may affect their Social Security and are often willing to share their personal finances in greater detail.


Not only is our seminar the best Social Security presentation on the market, but the seminar training that we offer is second to none. For many, learning how to deliver a seminar is intimidating and time-consuming. From memorizing, practicing, and delivering the presentation to handling the open, close, and appointment setting process is just too much for many agents. It is for precisely this reason that we have spent countless hours perfecting this process, making it simple, streamlined and efficient, even if you have never delivered a seminar before.


After all is said and done, some people are just terrified of public speaking. They would rather get a root canal than have to give a speech in front of a room of strangers! Does this sound like you? Maybe you aren’t as afraid of public speaking as you are paralyzed by the fear of what will happen if you simply just commit to doing a seminar. Will you be able to actually pull it off? What if you have a technological meltdown? What if you get asked a question publicly and you don’t know the answer? Not to fear! Our experienced seminar coaches will come to you and provide you all of the help and coaching you need – including actually performing the seminar for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Regardless of your reasons for not doing seminars, the Social Security seminar needs to be a part of your marketing arsenal immediately. Call us today to book a seminar of to discuss having a seminar coach come to your hometown to present your seminar for you.