The more people learn about the success of FIAs, the more they seem to want to purchase them—2023 is on pace for another record!

19th annual super conference

in dallas, texas

Join us for our next Super Conference in Dallas, Texas, from February 7-9 at the exquisite Gaylord Texan. Get ready for an immersive experience where industry leaders converge, ideas flourish, and connections thrive. Save the date for a conference that promises to elevate and empower.

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• Live the California dream at the Hotel del Coronado while you enjoy the simple luxuries of the sun, sea and time together.

• Relax by the cabana pool or fine dine at the upscale beachfront lounge as a reward for all of your hard work.

“You sure know how to make a guy feel special.  From the time we arrived and were greeted by your amazing staff to the closing dinner, my entire family was given 5-star treatment!  I can’t wait to join you again next year!”

Jordan W.


Ralph S. | Senior Advisor

“Your organization means a great deal to me. I truly appreciate your clear motives and Godly principles. You all did a tremendous job and I’m excited for a fresh start.”

Alan B. | Senior Advisor

Even after the kick off of the event at 9:00, your team was still working on our behalf and tweaking the website in real time. It was simply awesome to know you guys were “in the room with us.”

Again, thank you for helping make this event a success but more importantly, for your dedication and friendship!


Randy & Peggy F. | Advisors

“We’ve had some FMO’s hunting us down and we told them there’s no way we are leaving Tucker (especially with these annual conferences you put on). We love you guys so much and everything you guys stand for.”


Marcus B. | Senior Advisor

“Words cannot say enough – thank you.” “You’re family.”


Rick, Dorthy & Todd | Advisors

“We feel blessed to be affiliated with you.” “See you all soon!”


Leon J. | Senior Advisor

“Hey Adam, The conference was very informative and well done. Pulling that off with technology isn’t easy and it all went very smooth. It’s always a great reminder of the services Tucker offers to us reps. It’s great having partners who are out there doing the job and facing what we’re facing. You guys help me help people. Very grateful for that!  You’ve been a huge help to me as well and always look forward to talking to you. Tell Karlan, Jason and Justin Thank you for me.”




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