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The Marketing Team at Tucker Advisors continuously develops new ways to bring awareness to Advisors’ brands and grow their prospects. They possess a wealth of experience in professionally produced media, ranging from print advertisement, website development, social media presence, radio ads, promotional videos and more. But they also know how to adapt marketing channels to changing circumstances.

Recently, Tucker’s Marketing Team focused on creating tools for advisors that better fit the current economic and market conditions caused by the pandemic and its after effects. Some of these tools, like “Your Retirement Minute” radio ads, our Virtual Seminars and interactive “Tucker Roundtable” platform, are brand new, while others are revised to meet current circumstances and demands.

“Your Retirement Minute” Radio Campaign

Radio delivers incredible reach for your message. According to Nielsen, 92% of Americans 18+ listened to the radio every week in 2019; and even during a pandemic, 82% of that audience had returned by May 6, 2020.* It is simply one of the most effective ways for you to gain leads. And now, Tucker Advisors has unveiled “Your Retirement Minute,” a powerful, flexible radio ad program offering a wide range of professionally produced 60-second ads that can be customized to fit your practice.

With “Your Retirement Minute,” advisors can choose both the content and style they feel best suits the message they want to represent their business. It’s that easy. Advisors simply choose from a roster of ads, and the ad is produced for them.

“Your Retirement Minute” Radio Samples (each will be customized to your practice with proper compliance disclaimers)

The Showcase Video

We’ve refined a process to bring out the stories that make each and every Financial Advisor unique…all designed to enhance your brand. It’s a great tool to help prospects know about you before they even meet you. We’ve also prepared a special video to teach you more about the importance of multi-sensory marketing.
To preserve the privacy of our advisors, we have intentionally edited parts of this video.

My Showcase Video helped me book 100% of Attendees at a recent dinner seminar. A first in 30 years of doing this.

Television Commercials

Create an easy to understand offer for prospects to reach out about your services from a television commercial.

Virtual Seminars

Experience matters. In every business. In every communication. With a multimedia production studio in-house, Tucker Advisors has been creating high-quality video and audio programming for years. And that experience is proving especially timely. We’re pleased to introduce to you the Tucker Virtual Seminar: Our professional videographers and seminar production staff now offer advisors A-to-Z production of virtual seminars to reach prospects. This service can also include our seminar hosts and coaches, so the advisor need not worry about any production responsibilities.

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OnDemand Seminars

When it comes to marketing — and especially video marketing — every nuance and quality consideration reflects on your brand. Our On-Demand Seminars provide you a roster of brief videos that your prospects and clients can watch at their leisure. We have the reliability and experience to provide you the high-quality video marketing that best fits your practice. Your story is important — choose the best way to tell it.

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Tucker Studios Now In Production!

Tucker has always been proud of its level of professional video production. We have had our own video/multimedia studio for many years now, and it is truly a luxury to be able to produce high-quality video directly from our home office site. And now, we’re opening up that studio to our Advisors.

We’ve expanded our video studio and are now making it available to any Advisor who wishes to use it. We’ll help them with production from A to Z, all they need to do is show up. And, of course, we value any opportunity to welcome our Advisors to our beautiful Colorado home. Studio reservations will be made available to Advisors in September of 2020!