Custom Logo Design

You can choose to keep your trusted logo or work with our team of designers to create an image that represents your company and its brand in the digital age.

Custom Website Design

We build our custom websites with original content, as well as provide malware security and an annual secured socket layer certificate for as long as the site is hosted with Tucker. The website is owned by the advisor, who can choose to move the site to another hosting service at any time.

Local Search Engine Optimization & Brand Protection

Tucker offers all the basic SEO services, including title tag, meta description and headlines. In addition, we provide geo-targeting SEO to one city and one geographic/metro region.

OnDemand Seminars

On-Demand Seminars offer succinct but compelling video content on a number of topics affecting those in retirement or about to retire. If you already own the videos, we will add them to your website.

These brief “mini seminars” are concise, rich in production value and packed with valuable tips for consumers on various topics, such as “Retirement Readiness,” “Women & Wealth,” and “Tax-Free Retirement,” among others.