Three Ways to Thrive During the Holidays

Three Ways to Thrive During the Holidays

Three Ways to Thrive During the Holidays

Let’s face it: the holidays are busy. There are a thousand distractions for people during this time of year. From shopping to traveling, parties to vacations, there’s always something going on. DO NOT let this deter you from running your practice as usual. Instead of being swept up into the rushing rapids that are the holiday season, maximize this time and your earning potential with these three ideas to keep your momentum during the end of the year. Full Steam Ahead!

1. Market!

Why? Because no one else is. You would be surprised at how many people prefer to meet with their financial planner during the busiest time of the year. Maybe it provides them with a reprise from the chaos for a few hours? Perhaps they are already regretting how much they have spent on Christmas shopping, and they need to stash their Christmas bonus into a Roth IRA? Whatever the reason, don’t write everyone off as not wanting to meet with a financial professional during these months. Most advisors are afraid to spend money during this time of year for that reason, but people need help and they will meet with you if you are available. It is still a good investment even if they can’t meet during the holidays. People will remember your marketing through the holidays and now you have the upper hand in getting an appointment in the early part of the new year.

2. Hold client appreciation events

Admittedly, there will be prospects who do not respond to your marketing during the holidays simply because of their schedules. Another great marketing avenue would be to do a client appreciation event during this time. People may not want to make the switch from one financial advisor to another during this time of year, or take the time to research and make a decision on a new investment, but they will definitely go see “The Nutctracker” or “A Christmas Carol” at their local theater. Better yet, they will bring their friends.

Christmas events are excellent referral opportunities because people will introduce you to their friends during an evening at the theater before they will give you their information to cold call. We have held events where our clients and their guests meet for hors d’oeuvres for an hour or two before the show which provides a great environment to meet everyone in a casual, more relaxed setting. You can quickly build relationships during this time and then begin to follow-up that first of the new year.

Client appreciation events are a staple in many successful practices. Why not do them when everyone is already in good cheer and you can capitalize on the festive season? If you are hesitant to try new marketing campaigns during the holidays, you must use this time to deepen current relationships and gain referrals

3. Build and Implement Your 1st Quarter Business Plan

January through May is historically the busiest time of the year for advisors. People have come back to reality from their holiday getaways. They are doing their taxes, planning for the year, etc. You want to hit the ground running during this time. Be the first advisor in your area holding seminars and dominating the airwaves with marketing. Think about this: if it takes six weeks to comfortably get a seminar planned from start to finish, and you want to start seeing prospects the first or second week in January, you need to have your marketing lined up by the end of November at the latest.

Don’t get left behind in the New Year. Keep your momentum going through November and December with some fresh marketing. Make sure your clients hear from you during the Holidays, preferably at an event. Have your 3-month plan moving forward by the time December gets here. Remember: Proper planning prevents poor performance.

I wish you great selling,