(Video) $11-Million Written in 46 Days: Indexed Annuity Seminars

Video Overview

$11M Written in 46 Days!
Top advisor, Karlan Tucker describes in detail exactly how he did it, and how you can use the same process

Founder Karlan Tucker is joined by Retire With Tucker President Darren Petty to discuss their recent success selling $11 million in indexed annuities and assets under management in 46 days. You will learn about the impact of getting a securities license, how to find new prospects, and the appointment process Karlan and Darren use to build their clientele.

This presentation was given at the Tucker Super Conference XVI in January of 2021 and is only for financial professional use. Insurance-only agents are not licensed to offer investment advice.


Presentation Overview

Karlan and Darren sat down to talk through their appointment process and how it led to a very successful year for Tucker Advisors. You will learn how they use seminars to get in front of potential clients, how to define your ideal prospective client, and techniques to help you with the appointment process. 

From here, Karlan and Darren dive into how they like to format and present to their audience. Information on choosing a venue, maximizing your seminar space, and how to present are covered in detail to help you make the most of your opportunities. Both share on how they respond to the common opportunities and pitfalls associated with putting together a live speaking event.

Some of the topics include:

-How to host a great seminar
-How to connect with your audience
-What is the right number of attendees?
-How should guests be greeted and seated?
-When should we sit down with prospects?
-What is the process from start to finish? 

The number of people at your seminar can affect the dynamic of your presentation. While the seminar is a great stage to educate guests, you will need to connect with your audience on a more personal basis at the conclusion of the event. Karlan and Darren help point out that it isn’t just about how many people are in the room but also, how many of the people in the room are the right people. If you are not filling the room with the correct people, you need to revisit how your marketing process is pulling in leads to your practice.

Knowing who your ideal client is and what they value is a massive advantage when approaching a room full of strangers. Having this information allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and really focus on providing value. It’s not just a sale, it is their financial future, their health, and what will offer the greatest return for their retirement plan. 

Additionally, Karlan and Darren talk through the steps of the appointment process, pointing out important milestones and objectives that you will come across when helping a prospect with their financial plans. With every client’s needs being different, this is a unique look into how each of our presenters are able to provide unique solutions for every client’s portfolio. Take this opportunity to position yourself as an expert to your clientele using techniques that are tested by the best. Given these points, we present to you Karlan Tucker and Darren Petty.

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