Comprehensive Retirement Planning


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Comprehensive Retirement Planning

For most of us, investments drive the major gains in our financial portfolios. During market downturns, they also give back those gains, or occasionally, even lose money. As we get older, however, we need to transition from the growth-based model of investments into the saving-based approach of securing future income for our retirement years. 

The best way to accomplish this task is to develop a comprehensive retirement plan. With this kind of financial planning, we can not only arrive at the right time for us to retire, but know exactly what our monthly income will be when we do.

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Addressing The Issues

As covered in this seminar, retirement planners specialize in building these kinds of plans to address:
  • When to start Social Security
  • The right mix of growth and safety for each portfolio
  • Creating a “private pension”
  • Mitigating taxes in retirement
  • The optimal time to “turn on” income from different sources
  • Saving for health care expenses

There are many financial preparations necessary to reach retirement. It’s not possible for us to keep track of them without a comprehensive retirement plan.

It is never too early to plan for retirement, but we can often wait too long. A financial advisor can ask the right questions, and also help find our best answers.

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