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Social Security

Is it better to optimize or maximize Social Security benefits? If that question gives people pause, they’re not alone. Most of us haven’t thought too deeply about the difference between the two.

In order to properly answer the question, people need to know the relative status of their finances in the future. And the best way for them to gain the sense of security that knowledge delivers is to work with a financial professional to design a financial plan for their portfolios. In other words, a Social Security calculator alone can’t tell someone the answer to the optimization vs. maximization question.

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Considerations to Cover

Here are some considerations that financial advisors cover regarding Social Security (SSI):
  • How does longevity affect when to claim SSI benefits
  • What does SSI’s cost of living mean for you
  • How does the new RMD rule affect taxes and Social Security timeline
  • Can converting traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs decrease the taxable income of SSI
  • How will SSI fit in with your overall taxes moving forward
  • Is it better to start-stop-start Social Security benefits


When we view Social Security like any other savings instrument in a portfolio, it makes more financial sense. There is an optimal time to draw from it that can differ from its maximal value.

Design a financial plan with an advisor and contextualize Social Security within an overall monthly retirement income structure. This lets people know not only the optimal time to claim their benefits, but how they can best use them, as well.

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