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(Video) From Brand Awareness To Lead Generation

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From Brand Awareness to Lead Generation
Financial Advisor Marketing that impacts your bottom line

Tucker Advisors Senior Content Writer Sam Deleo is joined by Senior Digital Marketer Jordan Collins to explain the process of taking prospects from brand awareness to lead generation using content marketing strategies. 

This presentation was given at the Tucker Super Conference XVI in January of 2021 and is only for financial professional use. Insurance-only agents are not licensed to offer investment advice.


Video Synopsis: From Brand Awareness To Lead Generation

To build a strong financial advisor marketing plan, you need to break down your plan into parts. Sam Deleo explains the importance of your brand aligning with who you are. If the match is off, list values that define you, your business, and its services. That’s your brand.

Once you’ve established what your brand is, you can deliver a visual life to your expertise. Your professional image must be recognizable at the small scales required by digital media so you will want to be consistent with your materials. Don’t use your photo sometimes and your logo at others, be steady with your audience to build trust.

Another brand idea worth trying out is to have fun! Don’t shy away from humor with your brand when the situation arises to provide humor. Share funny anecdotes, photos, videos, and even comments about a local event or sports team. Let’s connect with your local audience to show them that you’re human just like them!

For you to build brand awareness, you need to get out there. After reviewing compliance restrictions, be sure to get your messages out to your audience consistently. By doing this you will receive metrics showing you what works and what doesn’t. It’s crucial to be plugged into the analytics to understand the efficacy of your process.

Now that your audience knows you, do you know them? It pays dividends to know your audience and what character traits define them. By compiling metrics on responses and growth rates you can further inform your process for when you convert these users from followers to leads to clients.



Now that we’ve defined our ideal financial advisor marketing client and created awareness for our services using online channels it’s time to turn these users into leads. At the top of the funnel, we wanted to gain their attention. Because we have their attention, time is of the essence. We want to show them more of what got them to your page and use a lead magnet to capture their information.

The reason we do this is to have a way to communicate with our leads.

This way we can continue to build our relationship with them through email marketing or through direct contact once they have signaled that they’re ready for a sales conversation. To use your lead magnet, it may be worthwhile to create a landing page that will capture their information and provide analytics to gauge how well your campaign is performing. You want to be sure that these pages are mobile-friendly and optimized to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your campaign.

A great use for this type of page is using previous client inquiries to answer the questions of your future clientele and push them to reach out to you or do a small action that will allow you to contact them. They’ve proven that they’re interested in the information and topics you’re speaking on and it’s time to make a sale. 

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