Tucker Super Conference XVI 2021 Guide

If you missed Tucker Advisors’ virtual “Super Conference XVI: Starting Fresh in 2021,” we are making free replays available. View the agenda below and click the session’s title to be redirected to the session’s video and overview.

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Day 1

$11M Written in 46 Days!
Top advisor, Karlan Tucker describes in detail exactly how he did it, and how you can use the same process.  

Is Your Marketing Foundation Solid?
Taking a closer look at seminars, referrals & other legacy marketing strategies.

Your CRM Needs to Work for You in 2021!
Your customer relationship management system should be working for you on auto-pilot. 

Need Help Training Your Staff?
Whether you are on your first or your tenth team member, let us help.

Day 2

Digital Marketing vs. Digital Marketing Strategy
Knowing the difference could mean extra cash in your pocket.

Live Social Media Posting
The do’s and don’ts of social media.

Every Prospect Will Look You Up!
With 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, it’s a must that you have a solid online presence in 2021.

From Brand Awareness to Lead Generation
Experts in digital marketing will show you how to turn top of the funnel leads into bottom of the funnel sales.

Leave Them Wanting More
Sending prospects emails with hooks.

Video Marketing – Don’t Get Left Behind
Tune in to see how we can bring powerful video to your brand.

Expert Marketing Panel
Hear from the experts with LIVE Q&A!

Don’t Be a Stumped Chump
Join us live as top advisors, Karlan Tucker and Darren Petty overcome the top client objections (with emphasis on
COVID concerns).

Day 3

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Learn about Tucker Asset Management’s system and their abundant recent growth.

How Tucker’s Proprietary Models Are Outperforming the Market
See how Tucker Asset Management’s portfolios are making a difference.

Cryptocurrency – What You Need to Know

Does cryptocurrency come up in your client interviews?
Let us help you navigate the discussion.

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Producing Leads

Why isn’t my website generating leads? Learn how you can take your website from a static billboard to a prospecting machine that impacts your bottom line.

Annuities & Taxes

Learn about 5 important tips for annuity taxes to keep in mind when looking for the right stable, long-term income products.

(Video) Financial Advisor Video Marketing: Don’t Get Left Behind

Learn how to showcase your financial advisory practice using video from professional video producer Len Lorentz.

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: SEO vs. PPC

Learn the differences & advantages of search engine optimization and search engine marketing in the context of financial advisory practice.

7 Questions About the Market with Phil Kosmala

Phil Kosmala sits down with Tucker Advisors to discuss the market and the financial landscape after a tumultuous year in finance.

(Video) Don’t Be a Stumped Chump: Overcoming Client Objections

Karlan Tucker and Darren petty sit down to talk about how they overcome objections while going through the financial appointment process.

(Video) $11-Million Written in 46 Days: Indexed Annuity Seminars

Join Tucker Advisory Group January 26-28, 2021 to learn vital sales and marketing techniques for your financial advisory practice.

(Video) Tucker Super Conference Marketing Panel

Prepare for when prospects will look you up with help from Tucker Advisors CMO Justin Woodbury and Creative Director Alli Lankford.

(Video) Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know

Join Amy Brandenburg as she gives an overview of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies at the 2021 Tucker Virtual Super Conference.

(Video) Leave Them Wanting More: Prospect Emails With Hooks

Prepare for when prospects will look you up with help from Tucker Advisors CMO Justin Woodbury and Creative Director Alli Lankford.