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Tucker Advisors Marketing Panel
Learn from the Tucker Adivsors Marketing Panel.

Tucker Advisors Chief Marketing Officer Justin Woodbury is joined by the Tucker Advisors team to answer questions from the Tucker Super Conference 2021 attendee chat log.  

This presentation was given at the Tucker Super Conference XVI in January of 2021 and is only for financial professional use. Insurance-only agents are not licensed to offer investment advice.


Video Synopsis: Tucker Advisors Marketing Panel 

During the 2021 Tucker Super Conference, we received a tremendous amount of questions. The Tucker Advisors Marketing team sat down to answer these questions LIVE and in depth to help financial advisors with their marketing efforts. 

To start, there was a question about how to feature in Kiplinger Magazine. For contracted advisors with Tucker, we have a vetting process that ensures that our top advisors are suggested to feature. If you are contracted with us, be sure to send us your enquiries about participating in our annual Kiplinger piece.

Another inquiry we received was about picking email topics. Attendees wanted to know what criteria is used to create email topics going out each week. Our panel suggested that the following criteria should factor into your email content plans.

1. Send your audience things they find useful

2. Take a walk in their shoes

3. Know what you’re posting, why you’re posting it, and who it is for

4. Don’t push products

5. Be sure that your messaging is compliant 

6. Find the channels that work for your message and don’t spread yourself too thin

Next the panel fielded questions on how to come up with website content and how this process works at Tucker Advisors. Alli and Sam reported that they like to do an interview and discovery with each advisor to find out what needs to be shared with your audience. Your website is a portal for prospects to know and understand your business before talking to you so lets give them something to talk about!

Other topics were included but not limited to:

-How to create content that is original and not stuffed with too many keywords

-How your website property should be perceived in reference to search engine optimization

-How Google Analytics and tracking your campaigns will lead to better insights and understanding of prospects

-The difference between brand awareness and lead generation

-What video equipment is necessary to produce your own content



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